Edgetech invites you to have your say about triple glazing

Edgetech UK, a Quanex company, invites you to ‘have your say’ about triple glazing.

“The more we talk about triple glazing, the more questions are asked about the implications for the industry,” says Andy Jones, managing director of Edgetech UK. “To decide what’s right for individual companies it’s important to have a platform to get to grips with the relevant issues. That’s why Edgetech UK is hosting The Triple Glazing Question, A Quanex Building Products seminar, supported by an impressive group of companies, key stakeholders and press partners.”

As well as the debate on Thursday 10 April 2014 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, there’s a discussion website www.tripleglazingq.co.uk. Between now and then there will be polls running in the press, on the website, Facebook and Twitter to gauge the mood of the industry. All the results will be made public.

There will be in-depth views to get a real understanding of some of the issues facing the industry and individual businesses. Andy adds: “We’re looking for a lively debate and that’s why The Triple Glazing Question is open to everyone.”

Ordering tickets for The Triple Glazing Question couldn’t be easier. Simply log onto www.tripleglazingq.co.uk and book your free place at the Ricoh Arena on 10 April.

A Quanex Building Products Seminar
Organised by: Edgetech (UK) Ltd
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